I Just Have to Suck Him Off

I had hardly any choice really! This fresh man along my better half and he knows that I acquired a “one-night-stand” with one of my partners close friends at a party a couple weeks ago and unless I did what he needed this individual stated that he would tell my hubby!!! The moment My spouse and i responded the telephone I understood who it had been and straight away he told me that this individual wanted to contact around to ensure that I possibly could pull his magicstick… I am sure that he understood that my hubby was at a meeting someplace since all he asked was when was I expecting him back… The moment I actually informed him that I had not been expecting him house right up until shortly after that night he said that he was coming around right away and if I didn't consent to suck his cock he would tell my husband the very next afternoon!!! Just what exactly choice did I have???? And then to create it even worse he taken an absolutely BIG load of cum AROUND ME and totally drenched me!!!

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